2019 Moon Calendar and Workbook (Digital)
2019 Moon Calendar and Workbook (Digital)
2019 Moon Calendar and Workbook (Digital)
2019 Moon Calendar and Workbook (Digital)
2019 Moon Calendar and Workbook (Digital)
2019 Moon Calendar and Workbook (Digital)
2019 Moon Calendar and Workbook (Digital)
2019 Moon Calendar and Workbook (Digital)
2019 Moon Calendar and Workbook (Digital)
2019 Moon Calendar and Workbook (Digital)

2019 Moon Calendar and Workbook (Digital)

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This calendar is for people interested in aligning themselves with the regenerative power of death/rebirth, the dance between darkness/light and the flow from fullness to emptiness, through our innate connection to our moon’s cycles.

Attune yourself by moving in a new way from day to day, from new to full and back again, for all of 2019. Rather than confining our sense of time to a linear and unnaturally structured Gregorian calendar, we invite you to step into a new relationship where we can acknowledge the different phases of ourselves and life that happen within and without time.

Each of the 13 calendar pieces contains a full lunar cycle: starting with the new moon, growing in light day by day in the waxing phase until arriving at the full moon, and then fading back into the darkness of the waning phase until we arrive again at the new moon to begin another cycle.


The art for each cycle reflects a beauty that we can be inspired by:
“Within each piece I wanted to capture the moods, colors, depths, layers, textures, and magic that following the lunar rhythms closely can bring into our lives.  Ultimately, each painting is an ode to the cosmic and ethereal nature of our moon. She guides us through our own inner rhythms and transformations, which can at times be grounding and at other times completely expansive. “ ~ Melissa Parke Rousseau


The 2019 Moon Calendar also includes a 92 page workbook with space for setting intentions at each cycle, new + full moon questions for self-inquiry, and waxing + waning moon journal prompts along with an informative intro section on moon phase rituals & practices, and rounded out by a moon-related resource list to inspire you beyond the calendar!


$1 from each + every moon calendar sale will be donated to Gaia School of Healing CA's Herbalism As Activism which offers education and workshops to underserved communities. Their commitment is to make Earth medicine people’s medicine, arming communities with the tools, educational opportunities and resources they need to heal themselves and thrive.


This Moon Calendar is comprised of digital files only - No physical item will be shipped. You’re responsible for downloading all of the files within 7 days of your purchase.

Once your order is received, you will be sent a download link to a ZIP file that contains ALL of the 2019 Moon Calendar files (one design for each of the 13 moon cycles in four formats - desktop 1+2, tablet, phone - and the workbook PDF).

Please be sure to download your Moon Calendar when you place your order! Click here for instructions on how to ‘unzip’ the file after you’ve downloaded it.


13 digital designs, one for each moon cycle :: beginning with the first new moon of 2019 and ending with the final moon cycle of 2019!

All files + end-user license will be sent to you via email, bundled into a .zip file.

Digital Desktop and Tablet wallpapers are horizontal format and phone wallpaper is vertical format.

Desktop 1 Dimensions: 3360x2100 pixels in JPG format
Desktop 2 Dimensions: 3360x1890 in JPG format
Tablet Dimensions: 2048 x 1536 pixels in JPG format
Phone File Dimensions: 1242×2208 pixels in JPG format