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  • 2019 Digital Moon Calendar + Workbook

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2019 Digital Moon Calendar + Workbook

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:: About the Creators ::

Melissa Parke Rousseau

Moon Calendar Artwork + Muse

Melissa Parke Rousseau is an Artist + Herbalist. ​Her work is an exploration + visual storytelling in celebration of fluidity + movement, our earth, sun, + moon, the elements of air + water, our sky in the morning, our sky at night, the cosmos, and the powerful duality of the divine feminine grace + strength.​  ​Each painting is a unique alchemy of tea, herbal infusions, spices, flower dyes, watercolor, acrylic, wax, metal dust, + gold leaf.
Within each cycle there is a constant learning, deepening, and expansion.  Living in rhythm and balance with the earth, sun, and moon phases allows me to navigate my inner and outer terrains with more love and compassion.


Ana Belén Salatino

Moon calendar + workbook + shop design + development, tech + customer support, project facilitator

Ana Belén Salatino is a designer + co-founder of Dream Inspired Design. When not in front of a screen, she is adoring her cat, nuzzled into a book, being a boss in her partner’s bread business, nesting in her home, or simply nourishing her soul with + through family + music + food.
She believes we can all breathe a little deeper and step a little lighter when we live in awareness and in reverence to cosmic cycles - the moon’s, the Earth’s, the mushrooms’, the trees’, the flowers’, the bees’, and so on. May this calendar + time ahead offer you newfound realms of beauty, healing, and truth.


Shelby Sanchez

Moon calendar workbook development, social media, project facilitator

Shelby Sanchez is a Brand + Marketing Specialist + co-founder of Dream Inspired Design. In all areas of life she is a connecter and loves elevating energy into higher states of optimization, order, + beauty. When she isn’t working she is dedicated to her self-care practices, spending time with family, wild food foraging from the land and collecting wild spring water from the majestic Santa Fe mountains.  
As I grow to know Mama Moon + her cycles, I grow to know myself + my own inner cycles.  She imparts beautiful gems of wisdom for harmonious living + thriving as a hue~man on planet earth.


Community Contribution

$1 from each + every moon calendar sale will be donated to Gaia School of Healing CA's Herbalism As Activism which offers education and workshops to underserved communities.

Their commitment is to make Earth medicine people’s medicine, arming communities with the tools, educational opportunities and resources they need to heal themselves and thrive.

2019 Digital Moon Calendar + Workbook

Now on Sale!